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Personal Chef Q&A


How does this work?

We provide Heat & Eat family style meals. All meals are prepared off-site in our certified commercial kitchen by our experienced and qualified Chef and team. We prepare the menus based on a Food Interview you complete.


Our Culinary Team has a combined 45 years of kitchen experience. Our Executive Chef Phillip has worked in a variety of arenas including but not limited to: a private in home chef, caterer, restaurant owner, and Executive Chef for multi-million dollar operations. A Johnson & Whales Culinary Graduate he brings his expertise to each plate he helps to plan and execute with his culinary team. 

Local Ingredients / Food Restrictions?

When possible we try to use seasonally fresh ingredients and often source them from local producers. This is not always the case as certain restrictions may inhibit our efforts but rest assured we keep local and fresh a priority. Additionally, we take dietary restrictions and allergies very seriously. This is where the food interview is vital to our menu creation success. We also ask our customers to review the menus a week in advance in case there are changes or updates we need to make.

Kitchen Visitors?

For all of our client’s safety and to maintain our health and safety standards, our production is closed to visitors. We do welcome scheduled visitors to see our commercial kitchen space to know that we are what we promise. The best time to do this is our initial food interview.

Insurance & Certifications?

Our Staff is ServeSafe Certified as well as our kitchen is approved and certified by the Department of Health in the State of Maryland in Anne Arundel County. As a business, we carry our own liability insurance and workers compensation.


Why not hire an in-home personal chef? vs your service?

We provide this service without you having to be concerned with the additional expense a personal chef can cost to a family: Hourly wages, food shopping, food preparation supplies, food storage options, tax implications, insurances, etc. Hiring someone to work for you can take its toll and comes with its own set of rules and requirements. As a service, we are just that. We take the responsibility and liability out of your home to our certified professional commercial kitchen.

Is there a minimum?

We do take on a limited clientele. At the moment we require a minimum of 4 dinners per week/ per household.

Do you use plastic or disposables?

With health and reusable sustainable in mind, our meals are packaged in glass or stoneware dishes with lids. We find that these options allow for the purity of taste, even cooking, are chemically stable, and are durable and reusable. Our clients are responsible for rinsing dishes and storing in tubs provided for pick-up upon delivery. Dishes are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Once the food is delivered what do I do?

Each meal container will be labeled and provide heating instructions. Remember they are microwave and oven safe. We always encourage oven use but understand sometimes time restrictions require microwave use. Serve family style or save leftovers for latecomers by replacing the lid. At the end of the week before your next delivery rinse your dishes, place in the bin provided and we will do the rest.



Bottom Line - How much does this cost? What is included?

Flat Fee:   $25 per person / per meal      

Included in this fee: (1) Entrée, (2) Sides (Vegetable, Starch), Bread, (2) family weekly desserts, 6% tax, and delivery (Food and preparation for all of these dishes included)

Add On – Stay tuned – current clients will have access to a lunch to go add on. See your weekly menu e-mail for details.

Are you ready to Experience a new kind of dinner time?

  1. CONTACT US! – remember we limit the number of clients we take on. 

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